Welcome to a better way to finance the future of work.

We hate debt as much as you do! No loans. No interest rates. No cosigner. No income share agreements. No debt. We are here to help tech professional and families with no strings attached sponsorships.

Bringing it all together to finance your new remote career without going into debt.

Education debt is on the rise, making it harder for students and career changers to achieve a decent work-life balance. PopSchools and The Pop Fund connects aspiring remote professionals and families to direct sponsorships.

Personal Fundraising

Opt-out of getting into more debt with ISA and student loans. Get sponsorships and build relationships with your advocates.

Project Fundraising

Gain sponsorships to reach the finish line. Build your portfolio or launch a startup to impress future employers and investors.

Pay it forward

There’s no better feeling than helping others succeed. Find families and talent to sponsor. All sponsorships are tax-deductible.

We help hundreds get sponsorships for everyday and professional financial needs.



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Study Group



Personal Fundraising

PopCare provides personal finance options for everyday needs such as equipment, health, job fairs, travel or tuition by providing access to personal recurring sponsorships from a personal network that pays it forward, giving you the optimal opportunity to succeed in the long-term while you grow your remote career.

Financial freedom

Spend more time building your talent worry free without financial burdens. Remain and keep 100% of your paycheck.

Recurring Sponsorships

Generate predictable, recurring alternative income streams from your advocates who sponsor you monthly, adding extra value.

Exclusive Benefits

Earn sponsorship matching, income protection, work benefits and personal finance perks to help you build wealth.


Project Fundraising

Receive financial support from organizations and individuals to support your remote study groups, apprenticeships, startup teams, or tech projects through a streamlined and transparent project profile while reducing busywork.

Complete your projects

Attract equity-free funding you need to complete your project goals and tasks. Get the funding to sustain and grow your projects by paying for development, events, or infrastructure

Build your audience

Grow your community, connect with your fans while building project and team visibility. Build traction, social, proof, and external validation for your project, team or group.

Share your progress

Build relationships and gain new advocates. Share your story, spread the word and scale your project. We provide a simplified profile workflow to manage your campaign.

Unlock financial rewards

Unlock financial rewards such as revenue, royalties or even equity shares which empowers you to create wealth, enhance earning and saving opportunities for your career ahead.


Remote hiring made easy

Remote career pipeline is broken. We’re here to help you make it better. Transform your open tech recruiting, instantly interview with world’s rising tech talent. Scale your human capital, no strings attached.



PopSchools is home to the world's most diverse network of rising tech talent and executives. We can help you to attract, streamline, and close opportunities with qualified candidates faster than ever.



We're here to help your students increase their chances of succeeding. We give your student access to apprenticeships, freelance, and full-time recruiters and hiring managers.

We support 100,000+ careers & families and have raised over $10,000 in sponsorships.

Refresh, reset, restore your remote career and family.